Travel Insurance for Overseas Emergency Evacuations

Travel insurance helps to cover you for the unexpected while travelling. If you are unsure whether you need travel insurance, read below to find out what exactly it is, who it covers and why you need it!

Travel Insurance for Overseas Emergency Evacuations

Why are Overseas Emergency Evacuations a benefit to a Travel Insurance policy?

Medical emergencies can strike anyone at any time when travelling. If you are taking a holiday soon, having cover for Overseas Emergency Evacuations can save you from huge costs that can put you out of pocket thousands of dollars, in the event you need emergency repatriation.

What is Overseas Emergency Evacuation?

Overseas Emergency Evacuations are a benefit in our policies that can provide medical transfers or evacuations if you must be transported to the nearest hospital for emergency medical treatment or be brought back to Australia with appropriate medical supervision.*  

What policies come with Overseas Emergency evacuations?

All of our policies except the Domestic Plus come with Emergency Evacuations as a benefit.

What is not covered with Overseas Emergency Evacuations?

If our reasonable medical advice is not followed promptly, we will not be responsible for subsequent medical, hospital or evacuation expenses. Emergency evacuations or the transportation of your remains from Australia to another country is not covered nor is claiming for more than the benefit summary listed in our PDS.

How much am I covered for Overseas Emergency Evacuation?

Overseas Emergency Evacuations benefits vary depending on the level of cover you take out:

  • Comprehensive: Up to age 89: Unlimited*
  • Standard Saver: Up to age 89: Unlimited*
  • Basics: Up to age 89: Unlimited*
  • Domestic Plus: No cover when travelling within Australia.
  • Frequent Traveller Saver: Up to age 64: Unlimited*, 65 and above: Not applicable
  • Snow Sports Plus: Up to age 69: Unlimited*, 70 and above: Not applicable

Are Overseas Emergency Evacuations covered?

You are covered for overseas emergency evacuations for the unexpected and unforeseen medical emergencies. Medical evacuations must be approved and arranged by us.

*Exclusions, limits and sub-limits may apply. See our PDS for details.


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