Travel Insurance for Trip Disruption

This benefit may provide cover for your additional travel and accommodation expenses if during your trip, your travel is disrupted overseas or at home.

Travel Insurance for Trip Disruption

No one thinks their holiday will be cut short due to an unforeseen circumstance but this can sound all too familiar to some travellers! Travellers who take out insurance with us have provision to claim for Trip Disruption on all policies except the Basics. If you scheduled or connecting transport is cancelled, shortened or delayed because of a strike, riot, hijack, civil protest, severe weather or natural disaster there is provision to claim under your travel insurance policy.

What is trip disruption?

When travelling, anything can happen on your trip that can bring it to halt. From dying relatives to cancelled flights or tours, to family emergencies, anything can pop up and disrupt the best laid plans. Some examples of a trip disruption are that your mode of transport is cancelled or delayed and have caused reasonable impact to your travel plans.

Travellers may be able to claim on the reimbursement of the reasonable additional costs for accommodation and travel expenses during your overseas trip if your travel companion or close relative in Australia or New Zealand:

  • die unexpectedly
  • are disabled by an injury or
  • becomes seriously sick and required hospitalisation. We will only pay the cost of the fare class you had planned to travel at.*

What is the difference between a delay and a disruption?

Though these two benefits sound the same, a travel delay and a trip disruption are not the same thing. In the context of travel insurance, a delay is a temporary situation where you are not able to get on transport of make an appointment due to circumstances outside of your control. This can include severe weather stopping your flight from leaving the airport.

A trip disruption is when your trip is shortened due to sickness or injury of a family member back home or if your travel documents are lost or stolen.*

What is not Trip Disruption?

Not everything is considered a trip disruption that you can claim under your travel insurance policy. What is not considered trip disruption:

  • Missing your flight due to human error like forgetting to set your alarm
  • Not getting the correct visa
  • Wanting to claim disruption for a family member over 85 years old
  • Not booking the proper accommodation or tour arrangement

What we do not cover in Trip Disruption:

There are certain things that are not covered in Trip Disruption as a benefit. These include:

  • If you were aware for any reason before you purchased the Certificate of Insurance, that would have caused your trip to be cancelled, disrupted or delayed.
  • If you were aware of the likelihood of death, sickness or injury of a close relative at the tie that you bought your policy.
  • If your travel companion changes their plans or decided not to continue on with their intended trip.
  • If there is a financial collapse of any transport, tour or accommodation provider.
  • If you are trying to claim for anyone else that is not listed on the policy.
  • Delays or rescheduling of an airline, bus line, shipping line or rail authority unless it’s due to a strike, riot, hijack, civil protest or severe weather or natural disaster.
  • If there are any additional expenses to due to planned medical procedures, cosmetic treatment or other nonmedical medical treatments.
  • Additional expenses relating to telephone calls or mobile data (unless to contact Fast Cover).

Other important information

If you need to return to Australia and do not have a return ticket booked to Australia before circumstances giving rise to a claim under the Trip Disruption benefit, we will reduce the amount of your claim by the price of the fare to Australia from the place you planned to return to Australia from. This would have to be the same fare class as the one you left Australia on.

* Any information provided is general only. All benefits subject to terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Always read the relevant PDS to ensure the product is right for you.


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