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Spotlight on China

'Beautiful China' is home to 1.3 billion people and represents the world’s oldest and earliest civilizations

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'Beautiful China' is home to 1.3 billion people and represents the world’s oldest and earliest civilizations. With its many diverse cultures, customs and languages there is an amazing amount to do and experience for visitors.   

Sprawling countrysides, ancient religious temples, and bustling international hubs are just a few things that attract millions of travellers each year to visit China. So pack your suitcase, arrange travel insurance for China and go explore the People's Republic!

Things to do in China:

Just to put things in perspective, China is about the size of the US, only with a lot more history and culture thrown into the mix. Wherever you look in this massive country, there is something to see, learn, taste and explore. Whether you want to spend a weekend shopping in Hong Kong, visit the majestic spiritual Kingdom of Tibet, or just want to explore ancient cultures and their architecture, China is the place to be.

Beijing is the second largest city in the country and is also the main cultural hub. Beijing is known for many things, chief among them are noise and pollution. With 21 million people, most transportation is rather crowded!

However, Beijing is also home to the stunning Forbidden City, which was the Imperial Court of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

The symbol of Beijing is the Temple of Heaven, and you may have seen its parks on TV, famous for people practicing tai chi. 

There are lots and lots of places to explore in Beijing, even though the sheer size can be a little intimidating at first. Make sure to eat at the ubiquitous food carts, which offer some of the freshest and tastiest food you can get, and also a great way to explore the many different cuisines of China. Make sure to have China travel insurance and to pick busy vendors!

Just outside of Beijing you can visit the famous Great Wall. This defensive structure stretches over several thousand kilometers and passes through many of China's regions. Different sections of the Wall belong to different municipalities, so should you decide to walk the whole length of it, be prepared to cough up admission fees more than once! 

You’ll also find the famous Shanxi province, just train ride from Beijing, as well as its neighbor, Shaanxi. Both are of enormous historical and cultural importance, with many world heritage sites, museums, and temples located in the area.

Here you’ll find the world famous Terracotta Warriors, one end of the Silk Road, the undisputed home of Chinese civilization, as well as several famous mountain sites. If you’re after ancient Chinese culture, this area between North and Northwest China is the place to come to.

Heading south from Beijing along the coast, you eventually hit Zhejiang province. While many travellers choose to head straight to Shanghai, China's biggest city, the place to go to is actually Hangzhou.



Hangzhou offers stunning nature views with many famous scenic walks that have inspired countless poets and artists to immortalize them in their work. 

It is also one of the most important tourist cities in China, so best to avoid the peak travelling times! 


As you enter Southeast China you can choose to explore the cities of Macao and Hong Kong. Macao is a unique blend between East and West, and also serves as the local gambling mecca. Hong Kong with its many cultural influences is also worth a visit, and is quickly becoming an important tourism destination for Chinese travellers. For travellers on a budget though it may not be the best destination.


South-central China is mostly composed of open space and an important agricultural province. There are a few cultural sites in the region, most notable of which is Wudang mountain - the birthplace of Tai Chi and popularized in many a movie. The food here also makes it worth visiting, as this region is home to one of the four major cooking traditions in China: Sichuan

However, most travellers use this region as a springboard to neighboring Tibet. While the political situation is far from ideal, Tibet is worth visiting.

The ruggedness of the terrain, the sheer size of the mountains, and the unique disposition of the people give it a special energy that draws you in and makes you feel at home. If you are going to explore Tibet, ensure you have China travel insurance.

China is also the birthplace of tea and it is well worth trying a couple of different ones, not just the green one! 

For more information on China, visit the China Tourism Website.

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