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Spotlight on Indonesia

Pack a beach towel and explore the islands of Indonesia.

Spotlight on Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia is huge – it consists of 13,466 islands, providing more than 108,000km of beautiful beaches. It is also home to the second largest tropical rain forests in the world.

So make sure to pack a beach towel, check that your travel insurance for Indonesia is up-to-date, and explore the islands of 'wonderful Indonesia'.

Travel Highlights of Indonesia

The cultural and ethnic diversity you will find in Indonesia is almost unimaginable: over 300 distinct ethnic groups call these islands home, and each one has a distinct history, culture and way of life. As a result, every time you hop from one island to the next, it feels almost as if you are visiting a new country!


Most travellers to Indonesia arrive on the island of Bali, which is commonly known as the Island of the Gods. To call Bali paradise is no understatement: you find beautiful beaches with some of the best surf in the world, friendly people, a stunning visual culture, world-class diving, and many religious and spiritual sites. Bali Indonesia

Make sure you visit the amazing Hindu temples here, which are both extraordinary and unique to this part of the world. Balinese temple design is a unique art form of the island and a very involved subject of study.

As one of the world's top tourist destinations, you will find ample opportunities for shopping, for relaxing on various beaches while enjoying cocktails or to join in one of the many local cooking classes. Also, no trip to Bali is complete without having attended at least one surf lesson - the waves around Bali are world famous and with its warm tropical waters, it’s the perfect place to join the tribe of surfers that flock here.


Sumatra is the most western island in Indonesia, and boasts spectacular national parks. The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra is a recognized UNESCO Heritage Site and one of the main attractions is the endemic Sumatran Orangutans.

If you get extremely lucky, you may even spot one of the rarest creatures here: the endangered Sumatran Tiger.
Volcano Java Indonesia.

Mentawai Islands

Apart from Orangutans and Tigers, you can also spot dolphins off the coast, go diving near Sabang, surf some world-class waves, or use Sumatra as a springboard to one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world: the Mentawai islands.


The island of Borneo lies north of Bali and is an adventurers dream. There is a lack of infrastructure here, but you will find true wilderness in a 130 million year old rainforest that is largely uncharted and a hugely bio diverse area.
Food Indonesia

Borneo is also famous for the floating market in the city of Banjarmasin, and one of the rare places in the world where headhunting was practiced. Make sure to have up-to-date Indonesia travel insurance before going adventuring in the jungle!


Java forms the heartland of Indonesia, and the island is also the political and economic hub of the country. There are quite a few UNESCO sites on the island, most notably the breath taking Buddhist temple of Borobudur.

On Java you will also find the bustling city of Jakarta, home to:

  • Museums,
  • Presidential Palace, and the
  • Java Jazz Festival that happens in March.

Indonesia offers an astounding amount of natural wonders and beauty to its visitors, combined with a wonderfully friendly culture and some very good food.

Bali is gorgeous and a must see for everyone, but do make sure to visit some of the other islands as well, in order to really get a good picture of what Indonesia is all about.
Jakarta Indonesia

For more information on Indonesia, visit the Indonesia Tourism Website.


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