Spotlight on Singapore

Singapore is a true melting pot of Asia, famed for its economic strength, amazing cityscape, diverse food, great shopping & multitude of festivals.

Spotlight on Singapore


If you think you’ve stepped into a science fiction city of the future when you get off the airplane in Singapore, you’re in good company. This city state is perched on an island and since its founding in the 13th century has grown to occupy the entire island and now even the nature reserves are part of this busy city!

Singapore is a true melting pot of Asia, famed for its economic strength, amazing cityscape, diverse food, great shopping, and multitude of festivals.

While Singapore may be one of the smallest countries in the world, the amazing density of culture and activities more than makes up for the lack of size. 

Make sure to bring an extra suitcase for shopping, check that you have up to date travel insurance for Singapore, and explore this extraordinary city-state!

When you first arrive in Singapore, it can be a little bit overwhelming. So many colors, lights, smells, people and buildings extending in every direction. With so much going on around you, a great activity for Singapore is simply sitting and watching the world walk past you, and you will truly see some very interesting things.

Singapore zoo, commonly known as Mandai Zoo, boasts to be the best rain forest zoo in the world. The zoo is home to the largest captive orangutan colony in the world. Here you will find everything from elephants to the white rhino, even white tigers. 

Walking around Singapore is very safe, even at night. However, as with all trips, take out Singapore travel insurance before setting off.


Now it must be high time to find a food-vending cart! Singapore is world famous for its culinary offering, with many diverse influences and cuisines available.

You will find anything from Chinese to Indian, from Malay to American and Spanish food in the various restaurants, often even on the same menu.

The street food carts are a great way to really experience the great diversity of foods on offer, and also the communal eating culture of Singapore.

Around Riverside you will find the former colonial core of Singapore as well as a few museums. To find out more about Singapore’s history, head to the National Museum of Singapore. The National Museum is part of four national museums, the other being the two Asian Civilizations Museums and the Singapore Art Museum. The Asian Civilizations Museum covers all Asian cultures with a focus on Singapore, and it is well worth a visit.

Riverside sits between two other cultural hubs that are a joy to walk around:

  • China Town is a charming area full of busy shops, big malls, and odd shops selling Chinese trinkets. The food alone is well worth the visit. Make sure to drop by Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, which was only finished in 2007, as well as Thian Hock Keng Temple, which is Singapore's oldest Hokkien Temple.
  • Little India is home to the Indian community of Singapore. Coming from China Town, you may think you have arrived in a different country, as suddenly you will see distinctly Indian architecture and notice the smells of different spice combinations. If you happen to be in Singapore around November, Diwali will be celebrated here and it is an absolute blast!

For nature lovers, there is also a very nice walking route, called the Southern Ridge Walk, which is a 9km route taking you across the hills in the south. The walk offers tremendous views, as part of the route is over bridges towering over the jungle. Before starting the walk, check that you have travel insurance for Singapore.

Shopping seems to be a national pastime as well, and many people just come to Singapore for a fantastic shopping vacation. There are a myriad of malls, shops and stalls that will sell you anything from plastic toys to the newest Apple iPad, so if you came to enjoy a little shopping spree, you’ve come to the right place.


For more information on Singapore, visit the Singapore Tourism Website.


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