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Spotlight on Switzerland

Home to stunning scenery, medieval villages & some of the best ski resorts in the world, there's a lot more to Switzerland than chocolate, cheese & watches!

Spotlight on Switzerland

If you think that Switzerland is all about chocolate, cheese and money, you’re not entirely wrong. However, there’s much more to this small nation, and it truly offers a wide range of attractions to travellers.

Get your passport ready, organise travel insurance for Switzerland, and enjoy this jewel of the Alps.

Arriving in Zürich is a true joy - from the airport you can take a train directly into the very center of town. The city hugs the edges of Lake Zürich on both sides, and the city center is conveniently located at the meeting point of those two sides.

The world famous Bahnhofstrasse is perhaps one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, and you will find toyshops next to jewelers selling diamond studded mobile phones. While walking along the cobbled roads, be sure to explore the many interesting side streets, which are also home to many good restaurants.

Strolling through the center will bring many surprises - who knows who you may see walk by - Tina Turner has a house here, as do many other international stars.

The Dolder Grand hotel is also here in Zürich, and is easily one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, oddly reminiscent of a Disney castle. When it reopened after renovations, people waited for 3.5 hours just to have a look at the rooms!

There are many beautiful places to stop if you head south from Zürich towards Geneva. Berne, the nation's capital, is on the way and well worth spending a day or two in.


The whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and between the narrow paths, cobbled stones, and endless watchmakers, it is simply stunning. 

Close to Bern is also the village of Grindelwald. While the town itself is cute but unexciting, it does give you a chance to see the most famous mountain in Switzerland: The Eiger, famous for its deadly north face.


Lausanne, located about 1 hour from Geneva, is a famous student town, with many world famous universities located here. Every year, it’s also the center of the winemaker’s fare, and there are wine tastings and festivities in every little village along the lake.

Lausanne was built into a mountainside, making the views spectacular from pretty much anywhere in the city. It is also home to the Olympic Committee and they have a dedicated Museum next to the lake in Ouchy


Close to Lausanne is also where you will find Montreux, the site of probably the most famous and celebrated Jazz Festival in the World. For 3 weeks every summer this tiny town fills up with the stars of Rock, Pop, and Jazz and it is an absolute blast. If you want to go, make sure to get your tickets beforehand.

Geneva itself is world famous and has a very international feel to it, due to the presence of so many international companies and organizations. You will also find great shopping and very good restaurants. In fact, Geneva is home to two places claiming to have invented the iconic Cafe de Paris steak sauce, and both are worth visiting! Geneva is home to the famous Auto Expo, which happens every year in July and attracts people from all over the world.


If you’re in Switzerland in winter, the single best place to be is the iconic town of Zermatt. Home to the rich and famous for 2 months of the year, at the height of skiing season this little village turns into the party capital of Switzerland. 

From everywhere in town you have great views of the iconic Matterhorn, making this a truly spectacular place.

Switzerland is very safe for travellers, and there is little to worry about. But as with all holidays, arrange travel insurance for Switzerland before starting your trip!


For more information on Switzerland, visit the Switzerland Tourism Website.


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