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5 Top Travel Planning Apps

Whether you are driving or flying, a digital travel app makes it much easier to plan your travel

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Whether you are driving or flying, a digital travel app makes it much easier to plan your itinerary, book flights and accommodation or just build a wish list of your favourite destinations.

Here is a list of the five best travel planning apps available for iOS or Android, according to Lifehacker:

1) Tripit brings a bunch of available data into one central hub. It allows you to integrate travel confirmations, itineraries, tickets, hotel accommodation and other travel information in one simple view.

2) Worldmate is specially designed for frequent business travellers, however anyone can still take advantage of its features. It combines all your reservations and itineraries in one spot and will enable you to add other destinations, appointments and meetings that you need to attend.

3) TouristEye has great features which allow you to build a list of desirable destinations which you can share with family and friends and add their suggestions. While you're travelling, you can browse the plans and obtain detailed information that includes links and maps.

4) TripCase also combines travel documentation in a single interface similar to Tripit and Worldmate. The app is designed to provide information on flights booked, hotel reservations, rental car hire and other relevant travel information. The interface is easy to use and provides an overview of your itinerary and allows you to zoom in to access greater detail for each leg of the journey.

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