Best Travel Apps for 2014

Best Travel Apps for 2014

In today’s ever evolving digital world, travelling is becoming easier.

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In today’s ever evolving digital world, travelling is becoming easier.

The introduction of travel apps mean holidaymakers can quickly get the information they need, as well as receive a wide range of tips at the press of a button. Travel apps are also one way to save money while you travel. 

The best travel apps are those that don’t use data or only use very minimal amounts.

A trip can quickly be ruined when you return home to find yourself lumped with a hefty phone bill. For this reason, it’s also essential that you turn off your cellular data when overseas and restrict your usage to free wifi zones.

So what are the best travel apps for 2014?

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is a very handy tool when on the road and can use the GPS function without a data plan. You won’t be able to use the app in its full capacity without Internet, but if you’re smart you can capture an image of a map before you leave your hotel.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

For keeping in touch with with family and friends via quick texts, videos and messages, WhatsApp Messenger means sending them updates and photos for free whenever you have access to wifi. It’s a more personal way to stay in touch than simply updating your status on Facebook.

3. Xe Currency Converter

Calculating an amount wrong in your head can greatly impact your budget, therefore having an accurate currency converter is essential. This is especially important when travelling to multiple countries, when it’s easy to get rates mixed up. Be sure to download the currencies you’ll need before you travel.

4. Yelp

Yelp has been helping travellers to find delicious restaurants all over the world since 2004. It operates an “online urban guide”, allowing you to see where to shop, eat, drink and relax.

5. iCampsites

For those backpacking across Europe, iCampsites lets you search more than 8,000 campsites to find details such as photos, ratings and facilities. 

6. Wifi Finder

In order to operate the many apps you require when travelling, you’ll need points where you can access wifi. Not only does Wifi Finder locate the nearest wifi, it also compares the strength of each service.

7. Skyscanner

For frequent flyers, SkyScanner is a very handy tool, comparing thousands of flights to find you the cheapest and best flights. It takes just seconds, but could save you heaps of money and time by comparing price, airline and flight times.

8. Duolingo

Available for iPhone and Android, Duolingo allows you to brush up on the local lingo before you go. Languages offered are Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

9.  Traxo

Traxo is the ultimate digital travel wallet, storing information such as itineraries, frequent flyer points and reservations. The app makes online check-in a simple process, and you can even win prizes such as car rental and accommodation!

10. Say Hi

While this app costs money ($1.99), it’s well worth the investment. Say Hi allows you to instantly translate more than 100 languages, meaning you can have a face to face conversation with someone you couldn’t ordinarily. 

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