Billy's 'Bali-Belly' blunder! Billy's travel insurance claim story

Billy was experiencing 'Bali belly' like symptoms during his trip. Read Billy's real life story below!

Billy's 'Bali-Belly' blunder! Billy's travel insurance claim story

"Took a trip to Thailand with friends as a mid year getaway..."

 Billy was a 23 year old traveller who travelled to Thailand and experienced a bad stomach ache that almost ruined his trip!

"Took a trip to Thailand with friends as a mid year getaway. As first time travellers, we went around Phuket to all the sights we read about online that seemed exciting. We stayed away from the busiest parts of town, staying at a nice beach at Bangtao, north of Patong. This beach had the classic blue water you see in photos, and was warm enough and safe enough to swim in."

Bali belly strikes again!

"Mid-way through the trip, I started experiencing "Bali-belly" like symptoms. It was unclear what lead to this, as we mostly drank bottled water and ate fully cooked food. After a couple of days of not being able to eat, drink or move due to lack of energy, I decided to go to the doctor at the resort for some treatment."

"Easy process!"

"I used the online claim tool to submit scanned copies of all required documentation. This was a very easy process and I received the full amount I claimed for treatment."

Billy– 23 year old traveller from Wandana Heights, VIC

Billy's tummy troubles in Thailand

Billy took a getaway to Thailand with some friends. It was his first time overseas and everyone was having a great time until he suddenly started experiencing “Bali Belly” symptoms, even though he had been very careful to drink only bottled water and eat well-cooked food. After a few miserable days stuck in his room, he decided to visit the local doctor for treatment and started to feel much better. After returning home, Billy used the online claim form to upload all the required documentation and received full reimbursement for his overseas medical treatment.

What travellers can learn from Billy's sharing his experience 

  1. Research where you will be travelling to - is there safe-to-drink water at the location? Is there a known virus or sickness that is easily contracted? Asking your doctor about the possible viruses will save you from unnecessary medical expenses.
  2. Research the benefits of policy in detail before you buy so you'll know exactly what you are and aren't covered for.
  3. Make sure that you keep an eye on what you are putting into your mouth! Infections spread easy and can be nasty!
  4. As soon as you start experiencing symptoms contact our First Assistance 24/7 Emergency team on what to do next. 


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