New Look! New Product! More Savings!

New Look! New Product! More Savings!

We're making buying Travel Insurance simple!

Need Travel Insurance?

Our goal is to make buying travel insurance simple. And we’ve been listening to you, our travellers and what you want in a travel insurance policy.

So we’re very happy and excited to let you know we’ve just launched 4 new product features along with our brand-spanking-new website!

Fast Cover is now offering:

Getting the right cover tailored to your upcoming holiday is now even simpler than before!

Take a closer look at our new product features:

New Medical Only plan

If you only want a policy that provides cover for medical emergencies, and you’re not interested in all the benefits in our Standard and Comprehensive plans such as cancellation, luggage, travel delays and other additional expenses, then our Medical Only plan may suit you. Our Medical Only plan is our cheapest policy option available and provides cover for unlimited* overseas emergency medical and hospital expenses.

Being covered for medical emergencies is one of the greatest concerns for Australian travellers heading overseas, as medical attention can be very expensive when you’re not protected by Medicare. Did you know that 9 out of 10 of Fast Cover’s highest travel insurance pay-outs in the past year related to medical emergencies? The pay-outs ranged from a traveller breaking her foot in Bali to another traveller injuring their spine after falling out of bed on a cruise!

We automatically provide cover for 44 pre-existing medical conditions* including diabetes, high blood pressure and coeliac disease.

Of course, if you want more than just a policy that provides cover for emergency medical, take a look at our Standard and Comprehensive plans, they both offer unlimited* overseas emergency medical cover as well as a range of other benefits.

New Adventure Pack

Fast Cover already automatically provides cover for a range of sports and activities including safari, wind surfing, motorbike riding and scuba diving to 10 metres*. But if you’re travelling to experience more hair-raising adventure activities like Graded IV or V white water rafting or kayaking, cave tubing or trekking to 6,000 m then you’ll need our Adventure Pack add-on! Our Adventure Pack add-on provides cover for 18 more adventurous activities. Check out the full list of the adventure sports and activities covered under our Adventure Pack add-on packs.

Cover for Pregnancy

So you want to take a babymoon? We hear you. Our Medical Only, Standard and Comprehensive plans now provide cover for pregnancy**. So your policy will provide cover for your pregnancy up to your 23rd week as long as it’s for a single pregnancy without complications.

So where would your ideal babymoon be? We suggest somewhere you can relax, which is also close to medical help. Perhaps some  time relaxing in Bali or Fiji before the little one comes and free time will be difficult to come by? Visit our Pregnancy Travel Insurance page for more information and check out our babymoon infographic for tips!

New Inclusions in Our Comprehensive with Snow Cover plan!

Our Comprehensive with Snow Cover plan now provides cover for heli-skiing, cat-skiing and off-piste skiing. Due to the higher risk, many insurers don’t automatically provide cover for these activities. If you’re going to the snow it’s important that you consider getting travel insurance that provides cover for the activities you’ll be doing. If these activities aren’t included and you become injured doing the activity, you’ll most likely be responsible for the medical expenses.

We’ve also increased the age limit on our snow cover – travellers up to the age of 69 can now purchase a Comprehensive with Snow Cover plan!

So if you plan to ski or snowboard in New Zealand or further afield in Canada, the United States, France, Switzerland or Japan in 2016, we can offer you a competitive price for a high level of snow cover – get a quote today.

But wait, there’s more!

A New Daily Rate

We’ve changed the way we calculate the cost of your policy to give you the best deal possible and save you money.

Previously the cost of policies were calculated in bandwidths. For example, policies for 6, 7 and 8 days would cost the same amount for travellers of the same age going on the same trip. We’ll now be calculating the cost of policies for trips between 5 days and 28 days using a daily rate. So now you’ll only pay for the exact amount of days you’re away provided the trip is only up to 28 days.

And Introducing Our New Look!

These fantastic new product features come along with the launch of our new website! Visit our homepage and you’ll notice we’ve had a facelift! It’s all about making buying travel insurance simple.

Not only are we looking great (if we do say so ourselves) but the website is also mobile-responsive. So if you need to buy travel insurance on your phone while you’re on the go or on a train on the way to work, you’ll find it simple and easy to do so! You’ll also get the smooth experience of the website from a tablet or on your PC. 

Fast Cover’s new product and new website are designed to make getting the right travel insurance simpler. Get a quote now for your upcoming trip.

If you have any comments about our new website or product, please feel free to send them to or give us a call on 1300 409 322


** No cover is provided for pregnancy, childbirth or related complications unless  it is a single, uncomplicated pregnancy up to and including 23 weeks. In any event we will not pay medical expenses for regular antenatal care, childbirth at any gestation or care of the newborn child. Complications mean any secondary diagnosis occurring prior to, during the course of, concurrent with, or as a result of the pregnancy, which may adversely affect the pregnancy outcome.

*See Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions and exclusions and limits that apply.

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