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New Ways to Stay Overseas

How do you feel about hotels?

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How do you feel about hotels?

Do you enjoy the experience of staying in a nice hotel room? Do you find them bland and lacking in character? Or do you despise the monotony of a string of anonymous rooms in an otherwise colourful and vibrant holiday?

If you said ‘yes’ to either of those last two statements, there are plenty of other places you can stay overseas in style, or add a dash of the unconventional to your holiday.


‘Hotels’ with a difference

Staying in a hotel doesn’t necessarily mean checking in to your standard well-kept room with white bed linen, keycard entry and brochures next to the TV stand.

For the more adventurous, there are plenty of fun and unique alternatives out there if you do a little extra hunting.

You can stay in a treehouse, built up high in the branches, or chill out in an igloo on the ground.

Lay your head in a converted railway car and have breakfast on the station platform, or spend a night in an old converted jail cell.

If terra firma is too mainstream for you, why not check in to a hotel underwater?

Wherever you’d like to stay, someone has probably built it, so Google is your friend for finding your next room with a view.

Stay in someone else’s place

If you’re looking for a more affordable stay, somewhere you can do your own washing and hang it out to dry, or a kitchen you can use to cook your own food, why not consider being a paying guest of someone else’s house?

Air BnB connects travellers with home owners who might be on holiday, or hiring out their spare bedroom to earn a little extra income.

It can be a hit and miss experience - one place could have bad Wi-Fi and intermittent hot water, while another could be a luxury apartment for a bargain-basement price - but you usually get what you pay for, and have all the conveniences of a house or apartment at your disposal.

Just remember there’s no room service to clean up after you leave, so it’s best to treat your living space as though it were your own.

Sleeping on the couch

If you’re on a strict budget and want to experience a more authentic encounter with locals at your destination of choice, why not sleep a little rough for a change?

Couchsurfing gives you all of these opportunities at once.

Once you’ve filled in a profile on the Couchsurfing website, you can browse for ‘couches’ where you’re able to stay with a host for your travels (which are not always an actual couch - often you will end up on a mattress, depending on your host).

Make sure you take note of who you’d like to stay with rather than where you’d like to stay, as your host is important to your travel experience - they can make or break your holiday!

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